Starmer must show principle and stand against 'disastrous' Brexit

If Keir Starmer is to have any chance of representing the people of Scotland then he must take a stand against Brexit, say the Scottish Greens.

The call comes ahead of Starmer's speech to the Scottish Labour conference. 

The Scottish Greens external affairs spokesperson, Ross Greer MSP said:

"Brexit will go down as one of this Tory government's most disastrous and toxic legacies. It has hiked up prices for people and for businesses, snatched away our right to travel freely across Europe and created an even more hostile environment for our migrant communities. 

"Keir Starmer knows this. He joined marches and spoke at events calling for it to be stopped. Now he's embraced it hook line and sinker in a desperate and dishonest bid to win over Tory voters and get into Downing Street. 

"Brexit can't be made to work because its foundations are built on lies. It's time for the Leader of the Opposition to finally show some principle and commit to ending this self-sabotage rather than pandering to it.

"The reality is that Starmer's whole leadership has been a series of U-turns and broken promises. Just think what he would be like in Downing Street. He's a man who simply can't be trusted.

"The job of the opposition is to oppose. Yet, when it comes to so many of the big issues, Labour offers the same as the Tories. Whether it's their hypocritical commitment to maintaining Brexit, their unbending support for deadly and immoral nuclear weapons, or their willingness to sit back let Downing Street overrule the choices of the Scottish Parliament.

“We can do so much better. With the powers of a normal independent country Scotland can rejoin Europe and build a fairer, greener and better future.”