Thu 1 Jul, 2021

Scotland’s exams body has been slammed for insisting that the ‘positives’ of global warming are given equal consideration in the National 5 Geography course.

The SQA’s course specification states that the pros and cons of climate change should be given equal weight, a position Scottish Greens education spokesperson Ross Greer has branded “deeply inappropriate”.

The document goes as far as listing alleged benefits such as ‘increased tourism to more northerly latitudes’ and ‘improved crop yields’. These examples are used in numerous textbooks available for the course, despite all reputable climate science warning that increased crop failures and widespread famines are an inevitable consequence of the climate emergency. 

A new report released this week confirmed that climate breakdown is set to cost the greater Glasgow area in excess of £400 million per year in damage by 2050.

Ross Greer said:

“Asking students to list benefits of the climate crisis is like asking them to think of all the exciting opportunities that come from their house burning down. Boosting tourism will hardly be our priority when half a billion climate refugees need a permanent home in cooler northern countries like Scotland over the coming decades. Yet again, Scotland’s exams authority has some serious questions to answer.

“Hosting the COP26 climate summit later this year will offer Scotland the chance to drive change. It means young people can hope to see the solid action that is so urgently needed delivered right on their doorstep. In that context, the absolute absurdity of the SQA claiming an upsurge in tourism is a benefit of climate change is not only deeply inappropriate, but downright depressing.”

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Greens: vaccinate teenage workers

Wed 21 Jul, 2021

The Scottish Greens have called for 16 and 17-year old workers to be offered the vaccine to mitigate against the heightened risk they are being put under as workplaces reopen.

The call follows a letter from the Chief Medical to the JCVI, calling for guidance on vaccinating people over 12 to be reviewed. [1]

Current guidance says under 18s will not be offered the virus, apart from those with pre-existing conditions or who live with vulnerable people.

Commenting, Scottish Greens spokesperson for young people Ross Greer said:

Greens welcome decision to retain BBC Scotland studios

Tue 6 Jul, 2021

The Scottish Greens have welcomed a decision that BBC Scotland’s two Glasgow-based studios will not be transferred to a London-based subsidiary company, securing jobs at the facilities.

The BECTU trade union had warned that the 150 jobs directly employed by the BBC’s two Glasgow-based studios could be at risk, which Scottish Greens culture spokesperson Ross Greer raised with Nicola Sturgeon at FMQS.

Following this, Greer convened a meeting between representatives of BECTU and Scottish Government Culture Secretary Angus Robertson.

BBC Scotland urged to consult staff union on studio transfer proposal

Sat 3 Jul, 2021

BBC Scotland bosses have been urged by the Scottish Greens to consult their staff on a proposal to outsource the ownership of two studios at its Glasgow HQ.

The call comes from Greens culture spokesperson Ross Greer MSP after it emerged that the Pacific Quay leadership no longer intended to engage with studio staff before making its submission to the BBC’s Director General in London, a move that trade union BECTU described as “scandalous”. Greer has written to BBC Scotland Director Steve Carson, urging him to engage with BECTU immediately.