Spycops: Scottish Greens will reject “appalling” legislation

The Scottish Greens will vote against granting legislative consent for the UK Government’s Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill when it comes before the Scottish Parliament today, the party’s justice spokesperson John Finnie MSP has said.

The “appalling” piece of legislation would grant police, intelligence services and public authorities the power to commit criminal offenses and human rights abuses.

Speaking ahead of the debate, Mr Finnie said:

“This appalling piece of legislation would grant the perpetrators of crimes immunity from prosecution if their actions were authorised. It essentially hands intelligence agents, police officers and public officials a license to commit crimes, safe in the knowledge that they wouldn’t face any consequences for their actions.

“Undercover operations should be governed by a robust ethical framework with respect for human rights at its core. This Bill cuts across all the norms of justice and the rule of law and should be rejected in its entirety.”