SNP to Labour switchers urged to vote Scottish Greens instead

SNP voters looking for an alternative need look no further than the Scottish Greens.
Previously SNP but thinking of voting Labour? Vote for climate action and independence in Europe instead. Vote Scottish Greens.

The Scottish Greens have urged previous SNP supporters who are considering backing the Labour Party to reject Keir Starmer’s Tory-lite vision for Scotland and back their Green candidate instead.

In an open letter, promoted from today over social media, the Scottish Greens have highlighted the Labour party’s embrace of the super rich, its lack of any bold climate plans and Sir Keir Starmer’s support for Israel’s collective purnishment of Palestinians in Gaza.

The party’s Co-chair, Ross Greer MSP, said: “The last 14 years have been brutal for so many people. The Tories’ record is one of immense incompetence and cruelty. Scotland may have rejected them every step of the way, but we kept getting Tory governments anyway.

“But the answer isn’t to back a Starmer-led Labour party which is on course for an overwhelming victory anyway. Labour will double down on the disaster of Brexit, continue the Conservatives’ racist attacks on immigrants and refugees, fail to act on the climate crisis and refuse to halt arms sales to Israel, despite the genocide inflicted on Gaza.

“Many previous SNP voters are looking for an alternative and some are clearly considering holding their nose to vote for Labour, but they don’t need to. The Tories are toast up here, and there is no need to back a Labour Party who will only continue to implement Tory policies whilst denying Scotland the right to choose our own future.

“Every vote for the Scottish Greens is a vote for a fairer, greener and better future. It is a vote for £28 billion of investment in the green economy every year, funded by a wealth tax on the super rich and the worst polluters. It is a vote for a compassionate Scotland that welcomes refugees rather than punishing them and works for peace rather than arming human rights abusers. And it is a vote to stop Brexit and secure Scotland’s future as an independent country in the EU.”

Text of the open-letter

We know that supporters of Scottish independence are desperate to see the end of this cruel and incompetent Tory government. Some are even considering switching to Labour to achieve this change.

We want change too. But don’t be fooled into backing the status quo. Here are the facts:

Billionaires want you to vote Labour. They’re lining up behind Keir Starmer -  and who believes their donations don’t have strings attached?

Those committing genocide in Gaza want you to vote Labour. Why wouldn’t they want a man in Number 10 who defended their ‘right’ to cut off water and energy supplies to civilians?

Even the Tories want you to vote Labour. They’ve given up winning and some of their worst MPs have even been welcomed into Labour.

They want you to vote for the status quo. Labour will win the election regardless of what Scotland does. So use your vote to send a message.

Vote Scottish Greens to reject Westminster rule, warmongering, Brexit and the climate crisis.

Vote Scottish Greens to demand real change.

Vote Scottish Greens for 100% renewable energy. £28 billion a year for the green economy. A wealth tax on the top 1% to fund climate action and public services like our NHS and schools. A compassionate nation that welcomes refugees and works for peace. An independent Scotland that ditches the monarchy and joins the European Union.

This is your chance to vote for what you believe in. To vote with hope. Vote like your future depends on it. Vote Scottish Greens.