Sun 13 Oct, 2019

The hypocrisy within the SNP on the climate emergency is staggering Mark Ruskell

SNP delegates in Aberdeen will discuss the climate emergency at a conference sponsored by a London airport and an oil multinational.

Heathrow is running an ‘airport-style lounge’ at the conference offering SNP politicians “one-to-one” meetings with “a senior Heathrow representative to discuss what expansion means for your constituency”.

Meanwhile, a fringe event to discuss how to achieve net zero emissions is sponsored by oil and gas giant BP.

The first resolution to be debated at SNP conference is on climate justice, praising “the bold leadership of the Scottish Government” in meeting international duties to tackle the climate emergency.

Commenting, Scottish Green environment and climate spokesperson Mark Ruskell said: “The hypocrisy within the SNP on the climate emergency is staggering. In Aberdeen today the party continues to congratulate itself on eye-catching targets while at the same event welcoming the expansion of air travel and maximum extraction of oil and gas.

“In an advert in the conference programme, Heathrow even boasts about how expansion will introduce more flights in and out of Scotland. How on earth can this be compatible with the First Minister’s ambitions on lowering emissions?

“The fact that they are looking to BP to provide the route map to net zero just shows how out of touch with reality the Scottish Government is. It’s like asking Imperial Tobacco to advise on smoking cessation.

“The science shows we have just ten years to turn this around. It’s time for the SNP to stop capitulating to big business lobbyists and look at the facts.”

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