SNP and Labour voters rank Greens as their top partners

For immediate release 21 April 2011

Greens welcomed today's Ipsos-Mori poll showing the party on 6% on the second vote, a result which would see a significantly larger group of Green MSPs elected to the Scottish Parliament, and noted an additional question which asked Scots who they would like to see the next First Minister work with. This second question shows that the Greens are the preferred post-election partners for both SNP and Labour voters.

Patrick Harvie said:

"This election will answer two questions: who will be First Minister, and who will they have to work with at Holyrood. Today's poll indicates that both Labour or SNP voters would prefer to see their candidate for First Minister working with Greens to deliver a fairer and more sustainable Scotland.

"Perhaps the worst outcome of this election would be a Scottish Government dependent on one of the coalition parties driving the cuts agenda from Westminster. That way lies a continued assault on public services and an administration which pours cold water on Scotland's economy. The only alternative to this bleak scenario is a strong second vote for the Scottish Greens.

"Overall this result shows the Greens as one of only two parties heading upwards in the polls. We're running a positive campaign to defend public services, to guarantee the funding which can keep tuition free, and to insulate every home in Scotland, and we're delighted to see this approach getting such a warm response."

The "preferred partners" question within the same poll was commissioned by Pagoda PR:

Results for SNP voters, asked which other parties they would find it acceptable for an SNP administration to work with:
Green: 60%
Labour: 54%
Lib Dem: 48%
Conservative: 28%

Results for Labour voters, asked the corresponding question:
Green: 63%
SNP: 60%
Lib Dem: 44%
Conservative: 14%