Wed 22 Jan, 2020

The climate crisis can ill-afford to wait, it is the most urgent mission this new institution will have Andy Wightman

Scottish Green attempts to focus the Scottish National Investment Bank on tackling the climate emergency have been defeated by the SNP and Tories.

In establishing the bank in law, MSPs voted down amendments from Andy Wightman MSP to put climate commitments on the face of the bill.

Another amendment to give councils a say in the banks governance was also defeated by SNP and Conservative MSPs.

Reacting, Andy Wightman MSP said: “This is very disappointing from the SNP and the Tories. They say they agree that tackling the climate emergency should be the Scottish National Investment Bank’s primary function, but why then have they lacked the courage to put it on the face of the bill?

“Instead, the bank’s missions will be subject to yet more consultations. The climate crisis can ill-afford to wait, it is the most urgent mission this new institution will have. I hope this unwillingness to act swiftly isn’t inherited by the bank itself.

“It is also disappointing that yet again the Scottish Government denied the opportunity to give local government a greater say in strategic direction. Infrastructure decisions must have local accountability, and my amendment to place representatives in the governance structures of the bank would have ensured that. Instead, we see more centralised control from ministers.”

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