Slater: Indy Scotland can lead Europe away from fossil fuels

An independent Scotland could play a leading role in the just transition away from fossil fuels across Europe, Scottish Greens co-leader Lorna Slater has said.

Addressing the Scottish Greens conference in Stirling, the Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity pointed to the fact Scotland has a quarter of the continent’s offshore renewable potential as a route to “a Scotland that leads our continent as we move on from Putin and his fossil fuels.”

This comes as the UK Government and Scottish Conservatives have instead placed a renewed emphasis on expanding fossil fuel production.

Lorna Slater also slammed the UK Government’s record on providing assistance to Ukrainian refugees.

She said: “We can build a fairer, greener and independent Scotland that stands proudly at the heart of Europe and offers safety and solidarity to refugees.

“We can be the Scotland of Kenmure Street, not Downing Street.

“We in Scotland want to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. We want to welcome those who need sanctuary into our homes, but instead our doors have been slammed shut by a UK Government that is singularly failing to step up to its humanitarian responsibilities.

“Every day of inaction will make a terrible situation worse. My message to Boris Johnson and Priti Patel is to stop putting paperwork and bureaucracy ahead of the peoples lives. Stop putting it ahead of women and children who are running terrified from the devastation of war.

“Let them in. No excuses, no obstacles, no delays. Let them in now.”

Lorna Slater also referred to new polling carried out by the Greens on single-use plastics, which shows 76% support for the action delivered by Greens in Government.