Skidmore resignation exposes climate wrecking hypocrisy of Tories

All Tories must oppose climate wrecking bill.
Green Members hold placards outside UK Government building demanding climate action.

The resignation of Tory MP Chris Skidmore exposes the climate wrecking hypocrisy at the heart of the Tory government, says Scottish Green Co-leader Patrick Harvie.

Skidmore has resigned as an MP ahead of a vote on a bill on that would guarantee annual oil and gas licensing rounds.

Mr Harvie said: “In taking this stand Chris Skidmore has exposed the reckless climate wrecking hypocrisy at the heart of a Tory government that claims to care about our environment while fighting to extract every last drop of fossil fuels.

“Skidmore’s departure makes it all the more noticeable that despite trying to maintain a veneer of climate rhetoric, no Scottish Tory MSP has ever taken such a principled stance.

“The decisions we make today will have a huge impact for generations to come, and the Tories are knowingly walking us into a historic disaster. What could be more damaging than annual oil and gas licensing rounds?

“We can’t keep on drilling our way into climate breakdown. All governments need to commit to ending new oil and gas exploration and making the generation-defining investment in the industries of the future, like renewables, that are so vital.

“Instead, this Prime Minister has treated the crisis as a culture war and has put oil and gas company profits ahead of a sustainable future. It’s a sign of how desperate the situation is when even a former Tory Minister has been forced to take a stand like this. 

“It must be clear to any Tory MP or MSP who understands the climate emergency that they can't stay in the party under Rishi Sunak. Every Tory politician with even a shred of concern for our climate must join Chris Skidmore in opposing this destructive bill.”