Shell’s shameful profits: Fossil fuel giants are plunging us into climate chaos

Oil and gas giants are profiting from the destruction of our planet.

Oil giants like Shell are plunging us into climate chaos, says the Scottish Greens climate spokesperson Mark Ruskell MSP.

Mr Ruskell’s comments come as Shell published profits of £22.3 billion for 2023.

Scottish Greens · Mark Ruskell MSP on oil and gas giant Shell's profits

Mr Ruskell said: “We are being plunged into climate chaos while oil giants like Shell are profiting every step of the way. It is absolutely shameful. They are wrecking our planet and making billions of pounds worth of profits in the process.

“Our world has just had the hottest year on record but they are continuing with business as usual. Things have to change. Doubling down on oil and gas will never offer us any kind of sustainable future. We will only ever have one environment, and we can’t keep wrecking it like this. 

“All over Scotland and beyond, our broken energy markets are forcing households and families to pay sky high bills.

“What we need is a shift away from fossil fuels and a major national and global investment in the green industries and jobs of the future. That is the only way we can halt the damage that is being done.

“If Shell wants to leave any kind of positive legacy then it must reinvest its profits in a fair and just transition to clean energy and renewables.”

Mr Ruskell, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife region, home to the Mossmorran processing plant, added: “The shock announcement over Grangemouth’s refinery shows the urgent need for a just transition plan for the Mossmorran site. 

“For that to happen we need all the relevant parties including Shell to recommit to its future and to a process that involves workers, trade unions and the local community.”

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