Scottish Ministers under pressure after FM's non-answer to Ross Greer over Prestwick role in Syrian airstrikes

Scottish Ministers are under pressure to explain whether Scottish Government-owned Prestwick airport was used for the recent Syrian airstrikes, following Nicola Sturgeon's evasive non-answer to Green MSP Ross Greer at today's First Minister's Questions.

Scottish Greens previously raised concerns about US military use of the site, with party co-convener Patrick Harvie MSP challenging the First Minister in February following revelations in the Guardian newspaper.

Ross Greer MSP, External Affairs spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, said:

"Earlier in the year, when we challenged the First Minister over the increasing role of government-owned Prestwick airport as a staging post for the US military, these concerns were laughed off with bizarre references to Elvis Presley. This week we see the SNP at Westminster rightly taking the UK Government to task for ordering RAF airstrikes in Syria at the whim of the US President, when alternative political solutions exist, namely sweeping sanctions. Yet at the same time SNP ministers are happy to enable US military operations through their airport.

"The First Minister did not answer my question. Was Prestwick used for the Syrian airstrikes? I suspect most Scots want to see peace in Syria, and many are already appalled that Scottish government agencies give financial support to business involved in the arms trade. Ministers need to come clean about Prestwick's role."