Scottish Ministers agree with our call to extend voting franchise to refugees

Scottish Greens external affairs spokesperson Ross Greer MSP today (23 May) welcomed confirmation from Scottish Ministers that they agree with the Greens' call for new powers over who can vote in elections to be used to extend the franchise to refugees and asylum seekers living in Scotland.


A government consultation at the end of last year noted: "It seems only just that everyone legally resident in Scotland should have voting rights, allowing them to influence government and parliamentary decision-making," and today in response to a question from Ross Greer, parliamentary business minister Joe Fitzpatrick confirmed that ministers plan to extend the franchise to include refugees and asylum seekers.


Ross Greer MSP said:


“Giving refugees and asylum seekers the right to vote will go some way in showing that they are truly welcome and that Scotland is their home. Having made this call at the start of the year, I’m delighted Scottish Ministers agree that it is right that all those living here and affected by decisions made locally or nationally have a say in choosing who makes those decisions.


“Scotland's history of taking in those in need of a safe home is a long one and continues today. I look forward to further details in Parliament on extending the franchise."




Ross Greer urges votes for refugees and asylum seekers housed in Scotland (January 2018)


Consultation Paper on Electoral Reform (December 2017)