Scottish Greens will take no part in Tory plot

Scottish Green MSPs have refused to take part in Tory plots to undermine the integrity of the Scottish Parliament.

The Scottish Greens will not back the Scottish Conservative motion of no confidence in John Swinney after glaring hypocrisy from the Tories, who crowed about evidence being released last week but this week declared that it wasn’t enough.

Despite the evidence released last week clearly showing how the Scottish Government failed the women complainers at the centre of the inquiry, some members of the Harassment committee have decided to prioritise claiming a political scalp.

Commenting, Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie said: “The Scottish Greens will always defend the integrity of the Scottish Parliament, and that is why we backed the call for John Swinney to release evidence that the Harassment committee and parliament had asked for.

“That evidence clearly showed the Scottish Government had failed the women who came forward, and this, rather than opportunistic political theatre, should be the focus. The Tories called it a screeching U-turn last week, but this week they still want a political scalp to show for it. The evidence provided cannot be both the bombshell revelation they claimed, and at the same time inadequate to draw conclusions on the issues that matter.

“It’s clear from this naked attempt to undermine our democratic institutions and from the line of questioning from their committee members that the Scottish Conservatives have no interest in making sure women are supported coming forward with complaints in the future. For them, this vote of no confidence is a pathetic political game just weeks ahead of an election in which they have nothing positive to offer the people of Scotland. The Scottish Greens will remain focused on setting out a vision for making Scotland a better place.”