Scottish Greens will keep fighting for Europe

The Scottish Greens stand against the catastrophic Tory Brexit and the so-called Brexit Freedoms Bill.

The Scottish Greens will stand against Tory attempts to use Brexit to remove hard-fought and longstanding rights. The call came from the Scottish Green MSP Mark Ruskell following the Scottish Government’s Europe Day statement.

The UK government is in the process of introducing the so-called Brexit Freedoms Bill, which risks the loss of protections for people and planet.

Mark Ruskell said:

“On Europe Day of all days, it is sad and regrettable that we have a UK government that is taking us further away from the European values of openness and democracy.

“Brexit has been an unparalleled act of self-sabotage, inflicted by a fanatical and incompetent Tory government that has shown a total disregard for our economy and for rights that we have enjoyed for decades.

“So many of the protections and rights that we all rely on are now at risk. If they light the bonfire then we will all pay the price. It’s not just a failure of statecraft, it’s an attempt to systematically dismantle the state and with it the protections and rights that the UK has helped to create during our decades within the European Union.

“From workers rights to nature protection, we must ensure that the longstanding protections that have been fought for are saved, retained and expanded rather than being removed.

“Seven years ago an overwhelming majority of people across Scotland voted to remain in the EU, but we were pulled out. Now the Tories and their friends in Labour are working together to keep us out. As an independent country we can rejoin and work with our European neighbours to build a greener and better future.”