Scottish Greens welcome review into impact of single-use vapes

The Scottish Greens have welcomed a review into the public health and environmental impact of disposable single-use vapes, which are littering our high streets and harming the planet. 

The review was announced by the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Humza Yousaf, following a General Question by the Scottish Green health spokesperson, Gillian Mackay MSP, who is campaigning on the issue. 

The review will be carried out by the Cabinet Secretary for Health and the Scottish Greens Minister for Circular Economy, Lorna Slater MSP.

Gillian said:

"I am delighted that the Scottish Government has committed to undertaking this review.

"Disposable vapes are littering our local high streets and damaging our environment. The amount of waste they produce is staggering. 

"We are in a climate emergency yet this multi-million pound industry is using damaging single-use products.

"When combined with the fruity flavours that are used to entice those who would be less likely to smoke cigarettes, it is creating a perfect storm for public health issues and environmental damage.

“If we are really serious about moving to a low-waste economy then this has the potential to set us back on that journey. There are other solutions and other far less damaging ways to produce these products, such as rechargeable vapes.”

“This review is a very welcome step. We need to consider all options to reduce the harmful impact that these products are having.”

Last May the World Health Organisation said evidence revealed such products “are harmful to health and are not safe.” 

It cited studies which suggested increased risk of heart disease, lung disorders and warnings that pregnancies could be impacted by exposure.