Scottish Greens welcome drug decriminalisation proposals

The Scottish Greens have welcomed the Scottish Government’s proposed drug law reforms, which have been released as part of a paper on Friday morning.

The newly published document by Scotland’s Drug Policy Minister details legislative changes which would be possible with the devolution of drug policy or in an independent Scotland.

Scottish Greens Health Spokesperson, Gillian Mackay MSP said: 

“The Scottish Greens believe that drug addiction is a public health, not a criminal, issue.

“Health is already devolved to the Scottish Parliament and powers over drugs legislation should clearly also be devolved so we can abandon the failed war on drugs and focus on harm reduction.

“We have seen in countries such as Portugal that decriminalisation of personal possession and a change to a health-led approach for drug policy can reduce the associated stigma with addiction. This allows those who need help to seek it, rather than avoid support due to the potential criminal charges they could face.”