Thu 24 Sep, 2020

This scheme is conditional on people going back to work, rather than keeping themselves safe Patrick Harvie

UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced that instead of extendin gthe furlough scheme, employees will have to be working for at least a third of their normal hours to qualify for a new jobs support scheme which will see the government pay the rest of their wages.

Responding to the announcement, Scottish Greens finance spokesperson and co-leader Patrick Harvie said: “This partial U-turn from the UK Government comes late in the day and is no replacement for the furlough scheme. Leaving this to the last minute has caused unnecessary hardship and uncertainty for millions and has already meant jobs have needlessly been cut.

“This scheme is conditional on people going back to work, rather than keeping themselves safe. It would have been fairer to simply extend the furlough scheme.

"The chancellor may have a moral objection to supporting people in what he thinks are ‘unviable’ jobs, but the hard truth is as more small businesses continue to struggle through no fault of their own, many, many more jobs will fail to meet this requirement. There are business still unable to operate at all due to the restrictions, and support for part time work won’t help them. There are still potentially too many cracks for people to fall through.

“There are also cracks in the support for self-employed people, so while it is encouraging that this support looks set to continue, the system is in need of urgent repair so all people in precarious positions are supported.

“There is also no long-term plan. Unlike Germany and France, the UK has no commitments on job creation and retraining. We need stimulus on the green economy of the future to create new jobs in home efficiency and clean energy and manufacturing.”

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Scottish Greens respond to Johnson vote

Mon 6 Jun, 2022

Responding to the news that 148 Tory MPs voted against Boris Johnston this evening, an astonishing 41% of all Conservative MPs, Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie said:

“The overwhelming majority of the public have recognised for some time that Boris Johnson is unfit for office.

“This vote shows that an ever increasing number of Tory MPs share that view, at least in so far as it relates to their own self interest.

“It is also remarkable that the self styled ‘minister for the Union’ appears to have lost the confidence of his Scottish Tory MPs.

Tory MPs must bring Johnson premiership to an end

Mon 6 Jun, 2022

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross, and his Westminster colleagues, must end their dithering and vote to bring an end to Boris Johnson’s premiership, but we shouldn’t expect a principled vote, Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie said this morning.

Commenting, Patrick Harvie said:

“It’s time for Douglas Ross, and his colleagues at Westminster, to finally do the right thing and bring an end to Boris Johnson’s utterly inept premiership.

Scottish Greens deliver another record result

Mon 9 May, 2022

The Scottish Greens have delivered a record local elections result, returning 35 councillors across 13 local authorities.

The party has increased the size of its groups in Edinburgh and Glasgow, with both cities electing ten Green councillors, while there are now four Greens on the Highland Council.

The party is also represented in Moray, Stirling, South Lanarkshire, Shetland, Borders, Orkney, North Lanarkshire, East Lothian, Clackmannanshire, and Argyll and Bute.

Commenting, Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie said: