Sat 24 Oct, 2020

The momentum is behind us and we can do the work needed to do to make that dream a reality Lorna Slater

The Scottish Greens will aim to get more MSPs elected than ever before, the party’s leaders have said.

Speaking to the Scottish Green Party conference, co-leader Lorna Slater said that the party could build on momentum shown in opinion polls which have the Greens on track to win more seats than ever before.

The speech cameafter her fellow co-leader Patrick Harvie will outline the impact the party’s current six MSPs have had over the last four years, including Scotland’s fairer income tax system, reversing cuts to local services and winning free bus travel for young people from next year.

Lorna Slater is expected to say: “Many SNP supporters are starting to realise that it is the Scottish Greens who have been making Scotland fairer and greener for the last four years.

“Can we grow our numbers in eight months, all over Scotland? Sure we can. The opinion polls have shown we can do this. Maybe we can catch Scottish Labour. The momentum is behind us and we can do the work needed to do to make that dream a reality.”

She added: “The Greens have the ideas for our future. We have the plans to rebuild the public sector. We want to secure new jobs, tackle inequality and protect our planet. You don’t find hope in targets. You find hope in action.”

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Scottish women effectively now working for free

Wed 11 Nov, 2020

More must be done to address gender inequality in the workplace, the Scottish Greens have warned, as we reach the point where many women in Scotland begin effectively working for free for the rest of the year.

A TUC report published this year shows that women in Scotland work for 52 days of the year because of the 14.3% gender pay gap. 

The gender pay gap for all employees across the UK is 17.3%.

Scottish Greens unveil first ever poetic PPB

Fri 9 Oct, 2020

The new Scottish Greens party political broadcast is the UK’s first to feature slam poetry.

‘Gray Votes Green’, which airs on STV and BBC Scotland tonight, features Glaswegian spoken word poet Gray Crosbie, who has been published throughout the UK and has been featured several times by BBC social.

Their poetry also once triggered Piers Morgan on twitter.

Global strike: Climate breakdown is being ignored

Fri 25 Sep, 2020

The Scottish Greens have warned other parties they are ignoring the climate breakdown, as pupils strike today in an urgent call for action.

There is global strike action today by the Fridays for Future movement, led by Greta Thunberg, including distanced events in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Aberdeen, Fort William and Dumfries and Galloway.