Scottish Greens: secure oil and gas workers future now

Scottish Greens have called for the just transition away from oil and gas to begin now, to tackle the climate emergency and secure the future of communities.

In a visit to the North East, co-leader Patrick Harvie will call for subsidies to be shifted away from fossil fuels and reinvested in low-carbon alternatives like renewable energy.

Commenting, Patrick Harvie said: “The UK Government is absolutely reckless in its decision to invest further public subsidy in exploration for new oil and gas.

“We are witnessing climate breakdown all across the planet, so we don’t have time to ignore the problem. The facts are clear; there's far more oil and gas in known reserves than we can afford to use. If we care about our own survival, and about the rest of the living world around us, we need to leave it in the ground.

“Workers need certainty and alternative jobs, not to be left dependent on an industry in its dying days.

“Other parties have suggested that a transition is underway, but you can’t call it a transition if you keep throwing money at an industry until it closes.

“Our future and the future of jobs depend on starting the transition to low-carbon alternatives now so we don’t repeat the mistakes seen in mining communities, Ravenscraig or Silicon Glen.

“Scottish Greens have plans to invest in renewable energy, public transport, warm homes and restoring Scotland’s natural environment. This will create 100,000 jobs and kick start the just transition. Our future depends on it.”