Thu 2 Apr, 2020

The practice of burning moorland to prepare for recreational grouse shooting has been banned in Scotland during the coronavirus lockdown.

The move comes after landowners continued the practice despite warnings from emergency services and being told to stop by Scottish Land and Estates on March 25.  In England, one fire got out of control and spread into a one-mile long fire-front, leading to concerns over the pressure this practice can place on the emergency services. 

Scottish Green MSP Andy Wightman successfully included a legislative ban in emergency coronavirus laws passed in the Scottish Parliament.

Commenting, Andy Wightman said: “I’m pleased MSPs passed this sensible measure. It is absurd that while the country is told to stay at home reckless landowners proceeded to inflict environmental damage on their land in the expectation that a privileged few will still be able to go and shoot birds for a hobby.

“There cannot be business as usual for the lairds and lockdown for the rest of us. They must now cease damaging the hills and putting further pressure on our emergency services.”

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Green gains in the COVID emergency laws

Scottish Greens Fri 22 May, 2020

This week the Scottish Parliament passed the second emergency Covid-19 Bill, and yet again it was the Scottish Green MSPs who had the biggest impact. Here’s what we won:

1. No COVID bailouts for tax dodgers.

SNP and Tory 'stitch-up' denies tenant rights

Tue 19 May, 2020

SNP MSPs have teamed up with Conservatives to defeat Andy Wightman’s proposals to provide stability for tenants during the coronavirus crisis.

At COVID committee in the Scottish Parliament, Andy Wightman’s proposed amendments to emergency laws were defeated by a coalition of SNP and Tory MSPs.

The vote comes after the two parties secured a deal to provide financial support for landlords.

Scottish Greens call for two-year rent freeze

Wed 13 May, 2020

The second set of emergency laws to be made in Scotland during the COVID-19 pandemic must protect vulnerable tenants, the Scottish Greens have said.

Following a Scottish Government U-turn on the needs for students to be freed from restrictive private accommodation contracts, the Greens will lodge amendments to the new emergency bill to protect other vulnerable tenants.

These will include a two-year rent freeze following the expiry of the emergency period.

Commenting, Scottish Greens housing spokesperson Andy Wightman MSP said: