Scottish Greens respond to Brexit trade deal being reached

Responding to the announcement of a post-Brexit trade deal, Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie said:

“Boris Johnson has already caused huge damage by playing games of brinkmanship right up to seven days before the end of the transition period. There will now be some sense of relief that the dangerous prospect of crashing out with no deal has been averted. However, there is now no time for anything but the most cursory scrutiny in either Parliament.

“The country is being given a take-it-or-leave-it deal, but we won't be able to debate the detail, and the one thing we know is that the cost of Brexit remains high. As well as the financial hit, the legacy of the UK Government’s reckless approach will live on, in the broken relationships with European partners, in the lowering of worker’s rights, standards and protections, and in the hearts of people in Northern Ireland and Scotland, who are badly let down by a Brexit they didn’t vote for.

“In the long run, I believe we will look back on this as a period of extraordinarily incompetent government from the UK, but ultimately as only a brief interruption in Scotland's place in Europe. We will take our future into our own hands, and we will re-join.”