Scottish Greens reaffirm commitment to deliver Bute House Agreement

The Scottish Greens have tonight reaffirmed their commitment to delivering the Bute House Agreement in full as part of their role within the Scottish Government.

That includes repelling the anti-democratic attack on the work of the Scottish Parliament by the Westminster government over gender reform. 

A party spokesperson said:

“Eighteen months ago the Scottish Greens agreed to join the Scottish Government under the terms of the Bute House Agreement. It is a positive and progressive deal that was scrutinised and overwhelmingly endorsed by the membership and politicians of both parties, along with the full Cabinet.

“We are committed to working in cooperation with the SNP to ensure that it is delivered in full on behalf of the people of Scotland, including the Gender Recognition Reform bill. 

“The UK Government's decision to veto this clearly devolved Bill is an abuse of their power. As long term allies of the trans community, the Scottish Greens agree with the First Minister that this decision must be challenged robustly. 

“Not to do so would set a very damaging precedent and would be incompatible with any belief in Scotland's right to self-government.”