Scottish Greens pledge new deal for renters

The Scottish Greens will today pledge rent controls as part of a ‘new deal for renters’, to enshrine people’s right to a home.

The call comes after the pandemic exposed how private renting is often expensive and insecure.

Scottish Greens pledge to make the winter evictions ban a permanent feature after the pandemic, as they are in countries like France, strengthen the landlord registration process and establish a Private Rented Sector Regulator to oversee the sector, investigate tenants’ complaints and recommend future reforms.

The Scottish Greens will introduce a cross-cutting goal of ensuring that housing costs represent no more than 25% of a household’s income, including a points-based system of rent controls.

Commenting, Scottish Greens co-leader Lorna Slater said: “The pandemic has been particularly hard for people with insecure living arrangements and for those who have been suddenly unable to pay their rent.

“It was thanks to pressure from the Scottish Greens that a winter eviction ban was introduced to ensure no one was thrown out of their home in the coldest time of the year. We believe this should be applied in non-COVID times like they do in France, as part of much tougher regulation of the sector.

“The SNP’s Rent Pressure Zones have failed. It’s time for proper rent controls.

“Tenants unions will be absolutely key to all this, so we need to ensure all private tenants are aware and have access to one, as well be informed about their rights and welfare entitlement.

“We need a fair and green recovery from the pandemic, and that starts with making sure everyone has a secure home.”