Scottish Greens pledge new deal for hospitality workers

Scottish Greens will work to improve pay and job security for workers in pubs and restaurants as part of the green recovery.

Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie will highlight the importance of trade unions in the recovery today on the campaign trail.

Patrick Harvie said: “The hospitality sector has had a grim year, and supporting small independent hospitality businesses should be seen as a strategic priority for economic recovery.

“But we can’t return to how things were. Even before COVID, hospitality had an endemic problem of low pay and insecure conditions. A green recovery must come with a new deal for workers.

“Responsible employers should welcome the work of Unite Hospitality, who during the last year have helped organise the workforce in the face of challenging times.

“As we make our town centres safe and attractive places to be, with less traffic and pollution, as well as quality green spaces and public transport, we will need places to get together and socialise, to see the people we have missed over this last year.  The Scottish Greens will work to ensure the people working in those places are valued.”