Scottish Greens manifesto reveals job creation plans

The Scottish Greens have revealed how the party will create over 100,000 jobs as part of its plans for a green recovery that cuts Scotland’s climate emissions.

Central to the Scottish Green Party’s manifesto are plans to create over 100,000 jobs by investing in renewable energy, warm homes, public transport and restoring nature.

The document shows 10,000 jobs can be created by upgrading Scotland’s onshore wind turbines and investing in the enormous potential of tidal power, using direct subsidy to protect the Scottish supply chain.

The party’s Rail for All proposals will secure 17,000 construction jobs as part of plans to integrate lower carbon railways better with the country’s public transport network, with plans to support councils to run bus services in-house so communities are better served.

Restoring forests and peatlands, rewilding initiatives and expanding Scotland’s national parks would create 6,000 jobs as well as tackling Scotland’s nature emergency.

And measures to retrofit homes to meet new efficiency standards and tackle fuel poverty will create 75,000 jobs for builders, roofers, plumbers, heating engineers, joiners, window fitters, insulation specialists, plasterers, electricians, painters and decorators.

Commenting ahead of the launch, Scottish Greens co-leader Lorna Slater said: “As we emerge from the pandemic and face the climate crisis, we need to invest in a green recovery. The Scottish Greens manifesto details how we plan to do that, creating over 100,000 jobs.

"There will be no second chance when it comes to the climate emergency, and that is why we need bold and decisive climate action now. That’s what our manifesto offers. It’s time to vote like our future depends on it.”