Scottish Greens launch Holyrood 2011 election campaign

For immediate release Thursday 24 March 2011

The Scottish Greens today launched their Holyrood 2011 election campaign and introduced their top eight candidates at a press conference and photo-call in Edinburgh. The party also set out its three key campaign pledges: keeping tuition free, investing in public services through fairer taxation, and insulating every home in Scotland.

The Greens will stand a list of candidates in each of the eight regions, and the Party is once again urging voters to "second vote green" throughout the campaign, including through social media, on Twitter and Facebook.

Eleanor Scott, the Party's Co-convenor, said:

"Across Scotland, second votes will elect Green MSPs to Holyrood. Whoever you want as First Minister, the question is this: who should hold the balance of power? There are only two choices - either one of the Westminster coalition parties, or the Greens.

"In the last session every vote counted, and the Green MSPs helped abolish tuition fees, secured millions for community environmental projects, and won investment in marine renewables. If we are in that position again, our first priority will be to invest in public services, and to back this with fairer taxes on big business and the wealthiest. Unlike the other parties, each of which in turn has broken promises to students, we know where the money's coming from to guarantee Scotland won't return to tuition fees. We will also work to bring in a comprehensive free national insulation scheme at a cost of