Mon 3 May, 2021

It is important that voters read their ballot papers carefully Ross Greer

The Scottish Greens have warned voters that far right extremists and conspiracy theorists are standing at the election masquerading as ‘greens’.

These include Trump-supporting Alistair McConnachie, who was expelled from UKIP for Holocaust denial and is standing under the 'Independent Green Voice' banner.

McConnachie is best known for denying the existence of gas chambers at Nazi concentration camps but has also provided social media support to the Orange Order and regularly organises counter-protests to pro-independence and anti-racism rallies. 

George Galloway’s All for Unity party, which sometimes brands itself ‘Greens for Unity’, has a civil liberties spokesman who has shared antisemitic conspiracy theories about George Soros and Bill Gates. 

Commenting, Scottish Greens culture spokesperson Ross Greer said:

"These extremist bigots think they can fool progressive voters by masquerading as Greens. I am quite sure that they will, once again, be proven wrong and humiliated at the ballot box. Questions need to be asked of how McConnachie was even allowed on the ballot paper in the first place though, given this isn't even the first time he has tried to mislead voters in this way. 

“Only a vote for the real Scottish Green Party will tackle the climate emergency, stand up to bigotry in all its forms and build a fairer, greener Scotland after this pandemic. It is important that voters read their ballot papers carefully.”

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