Tue 20 Oct, 2020

The Scottish Government needs to bring more than boasts about targets to COP26 next year Mark Ruskell

The Scottish Government must commit to international climate justice ahead of the COP26 summit in Glasgow, the Scottish Greens have said.

The call comes during Global Climate Change Week as a new report from the Stop Climate Chaos coalition highlights the need for targeted financial support for countries in the global south who are most impacted by climate change.

Scottish Greens environment spokesperson Mark Ruskell MSP said:

“This report serves as an important reminder of the Scottish Government’s international responsibilities when it comes to climate justice. The fact is that those most affected by the climate emergency are usually those who have done the least to cause it.

“Scottish ministers have recently admitted that it is climate breakdown that is wreaking havoc with out infrastructure, but that is nothing compared to the floods and drought, food shortages, and forced migration experienced by the global south in recent years. In that context, the Scottish Government’s eye-catching targets to reduce emissions are scarce comfort to those already living with the impact of years of inaction by the world’s richest countries.

“The Scottish Government needs to bring more than boasts about targets to COP26 next year. It needs to come with solutions to rapidly cut emissions at home and hard cash for targeted adaptation funds for the most vulnerable countries.”


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Mark Ruskell comments on Bifab latest

Fri 27 Nov, 2020

Commenting on the statement issued by Bifab's owners this morning, Scottish Greens Energy Spokesperson and Fife MSP Mark Ruskell said:

“The Scottish Government cannot bemoan the fact that it’s a minority shareholder with no seat on the board while at the same time turning down opportunities to step up and become a majority shareholder. Bifab urgently needs a recovery plan that can secure interim work and deliver promised green jobs while the Scottish Government works towards state ownership that is still in line with market rules it has to adhere to.”

Scottish Govt dodges wildlife responsibilities

Thu 26 Nov, 2020

The Scottish Government has dodged its responsibilities on the nature and climate responsibilities by allowing destructive grouse moors to decide how they are to be regulated, the Scottish Greens have warned.

Having waited a year to respond to a review into Scotland’s grouse moors, ministers have now confirmed that the grouse shooting industry is unable to police itself, but indicated it will get to decide its own regulations.

In a statement to parliament environment minister Mairi Gougeon announced a further consultation on grouse moor licensing scheme will take place.

SNP and Tories have nothing but excuses for Bifab workers

Tue 24 Nov, 2020

Responding to the statement issued this evening by the Scottish and UK Governments regarding Bifab, Scottish Greens Energy Spokesperson and Fife MSP Mark Ruskell said:

“When it comes to the future of jobs at Bifab the SNP and the Tories have nothing to offer but excuses.

“Time and again we’re told that state aid rules are the reason that the Scottish Government cannot take a greater stake in the company, yet we know that other European countries strategically invest in the energy market all the time.