Scottish Greens call on Tory MSP to cancel war profiteers reception

Arms dealers have no place in the Scottish Parliament.

Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer has called for Tory MSP Jackson Carlaw to cancel a controversial reception he is hosting tonight in Parliament for an assortment of notorious arms dealers.

Mr Carlaw’s reception is for the ADS lobby group, which represents all of the world’s major arms companies, including many who have armed the Israeli state currently inflicting a genocide on the people of Gaza.

The event was originally sponsored by Labour MSP Paul Sweeney, who withdrew his support following questioning from journalists after concerns were raised by the Scottish Greens.

The ADS Scotland Council includes representatives from a range of notorious arms dealers, including Raytheon, Leonardo and BAE Systems, all of which have been widely accused of arming and supporting the Israeli military and a range of other repressive regimes.

Mr Greer said: “When the Labour MSP who originally organised the event was shamed into withdrawing his sponsorship, many of us hoped it was the last we’d hear of this arms dealer propaganda vehicle. It’s very disappointing but not surprising that the Conservatives’ Jackson Carlaw has intervened to save it.

“At the same time as Westminster is debating a ceasefire proposal, the companies who have fuelled and profited from this awful genocide will be using Scotland’s Parliament for a drinks reception.

“There can be no room in our Parliament for war profiteers. Even now, at this late hour, I urge Jackson Carlaw to do the right thing and cancel this awful event. If not, the Scottish Greens will be proud to join those protesting against it.”