Scottish Greens call for Labour to respect democracy

The Scottish Greens have challenged Labour to back calls for “a real referendum” after the pro-union party’s Shadow Scottish Secretary argued against holding an independence vote. 

A live interview broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland’s Drivetime show tonight saw the Scottish Greens Co-leader, Patrick Harvie MSP, debate the Labour Party’s only Scottish MP, Ian Murray who said Labour would deny a vote if in power at Westminster. 

Mr Harvie said:

“It is those that are refusing that preferred route of a democratic referendum that really have to answer the question, why should Scotland be left without that choice? 

“Why should Scotland’s democratic mandate for a referendum, with pro-independence majorities and pro-referendum majorities elected time and time again be ignored?”

He added:

“I’m old enough to remember when the Labour Party dominated Scottish politics. And you know why that’s not the case anymore? 

“It’s because they lined up with the Conservatives to tell people ‘vote no and you’ll protect economic stability, vote no and you’ll protect your place in Europe, vote no and we’ll have a stronger Scottish Parliament.’ 

“Those promises have been shown to be lies.”

Responding to Mr Murray’s claim that “‘to turn the next election into a de facto referendum would be a dereliction of duty” Mr Harvie challenged: “Then give us a real referendum.”