Tue 30 Aug, 2022

The Scottish Greens are calling for emergency aid to be mobilised to help the victims of flood hit Pakistan. 

A third of the country is under water after being battered by monsoons with 1100 people so far known to have died. The toll is expected to rise significantly. 

In all, some 33 million people have been impacted and some 300,000 dwellings destroyed sparking an emerging refugee crisis. With temperatures rising to 40C, waterborne disease and mosquitos are expected to cause mass outbreaks of illness.

Crops across the country have also been decimated sparking fears over widespread hunger and devastating impacts on people’s livelihoods. 

Scottish Green MSP Maggie Chapman is calling for aid to be mobilised to help with the immediate crisis. She said:

“This is more evidence of just how places such as Pakistan and their neighbours are on the front line of climate catastrophe."

“We now know more than 1100 people have died already in the monsoon floods, but we fear this figure will only rise horrifically in the coming days. We are told a third of the country is under water and unable to reach help."

“But as tragic as it is already, things are only likely to get worse. More rain and floods are on their way, and, with temperatures hitting 40C, it is the perfect conditions for mosquitos and waterborne diseases."

“Crops are gone, taking with them the only financial incomes and food supplies for entire communities. We are seeing the beginning of a massive, massive refugee crisis. Relief centres will be unable to cope."

“I will be asking the Scottish Government through its Humanitarian Emergency Fund, the UK Government and the Disasters Emergency Committee just what help can be offered to the region, including how the people of Scotland can get involved."

“Additionally this will be a hugely worrying and heart-breaking time for the very many families here in Scotland who may have relatives in the worst affected places, and all efforts should be made to help and support them.”

She said it was up to rich countries to step in now, but also to look again at their part in causing such devastating events.

“As wealthy nations like the UK continue to enable planet-killing emissions through failures over oil and gas, these are the effects. Climate knows no borders and neither should the help we need to give.”

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