Scottish Greens call for end to Israel's collective punishment of 2 million Gazans

2 million Palestinians cannot be made to suffer for the crimes of Hamas.

Comment from Scottish Green external affairs spokesperson Ross Greer on the rapidly worsening situation in Gaza.

Ross Greer MSP said: 

"The brutal murder of innocent Israeli civilians by Hamas does not justify the murder of innocent Palestinians by Israel. The bombing campaign in Gaza is immoral, illegal and indefensible.

"Palestinian and Israeli lives are of equal value, but the UK government has thrown its support behind Israel's siege of Gaza, a war crime which has already resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Palestinian children. 

"With the apparently deliberate bombing of civilian targets, and with water, electricity and food shut off by Israel, we are witnessing the collective punishment of an already vulnerable civilian population, one forced by Israel to live in the world's largest open-air prison since 2006.  

"The Israeli government knows the devastating consequences of its actions on the million children living in Gaza. We can all see it. These children are not Hamas and their deaths will not make Israel any safer.

"Despite growing international calls for a ceasefire, senior Israeli Ministers have made it clear that they are willing to escalate their breaches of international law into a full blown campaign of ethnic cleansing against the people of Gaza.

"We cannot allow that to happen. 2 million Palestinians cannot be made to suffer for the crimes of Hamas.

"Western governments have a choice to make. The Tories and the Labour leadership have given uncritical support to Israel's bombing campaign, regardless of the terrible human cost and the war crimes already clearly being committed.

"In contrast, Scotland's First Minister has shown incredible moral leadership despite the awful situation faced by his own family. The Scottish Greens echo his condemnation of the crime of collective punishment and urge the UK Government to push for an immediate ceasefire.

“This cycle of violence cannot be halted with more violence. Only an end to Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine and a negotiated agreement which respects the right of both peoples to safety and security will do that.”