Thu 16 Jul, 2020

Scottish Greens have called for the immediate end to the Two Child Limit, as new figures showed that 13,700 Scots families are losing much-needed cash as of 1st April this year. Across the UK, the limit impacted 250,300 families, with almost one million children affected. The cut to family incomes is over £50 a week.

The Two Child Limit caps Child Tax Credit and the Universal Credit equivalent at two children, regardless of how many children are in a household eligible for support. 70 women were forced to reveal that their child was born as a result of rape or within a controlling or coercive relationship to access support. 

Scottish Greens Social Security Spokesperson Alison Johnstone MSP said:

"The Tory two child limit and associated rape clause are obscene. The limit is unacceptable at any time but is particularly abhorrent when so many families are dealing with large and unforeseeable drops in their income due to the economic impact of Covid19. 

“We already know that this policy is responsible for increasing child poverty, adding to the unacceptable near-quarter of children in poverty.

“Any reasonable person would be shocked that people are being asked to certify their child was born of rape or a controlling or coercive relationship in order to get financial support to feed and clothe them.

“If we are to call ourselves a fair and compassionate country, the Two Child Limit must end, and end now."

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