Scottish Government to implement Greens’ Young Carer Grant

An announcement that the Scottish Government will implement the Scottish Greens’ manifesto pledge for a Young Carer Grant has been welcomed by the party.

In one of the government’s first speeches after the 2016 election, the First Minister said she would "consider the introduction of a young carers allowance" because it "has real merit".

Alison Johnstone, the Greens’ social security and young people spokesperson, says the government, which has thanked the Greens for “initiating this activity”, has grasped the opportunity to take a “fairer approach” to improve financial support for young carers.

Lothian MSP Alison Johnstone said:

“While the grant and entitlements won’t fully compensate young carers for the incredible support they give, they should go some way to giving young people with caring responsibilities the same opportunities in life as their peers. It’s welcome by Greens and, I’m sure, the 49,000 young carers in Scotland.

“The Scottish Government has listened to Greens by taking an opportunity for a fairer approach to provide financial support for thousands of young people providing substantial care that does not meet the 35 hour threshold.

“We’ll continue to monitor the implementation of the policy to make sure it’s meeting young carers needs and doesn’t conflict with other benefits in the UK’s complex social security system.

“The young carers grant is another example of the important work Greens are doing at Holyrood.”