Scottish Greens are urging Scottish broadcasters to follow the example of the UK TV channels following their U-turn on high profile General Election debates which were due to exclude the Greens.

The UK broadcasters have confirmed that the BBC and ITV intend to stage debates featuring 7 panellists, including the Greens.

It follows the "Green Surge" in membership of the UK's Green Parties, including a rise in membership of the Scottish Greens to over 8,500 from 1,700 in September and strong UK polling putting the Greens ahead of the Libdems.

BBC Scotland has stated that it intends to broadcast a peak-time Scottish debate featuring the SNP, Labour, Conservatives and Libdems but not the Greens, while STV has said it will stage a debate featuring “relevant” party leaders but has yet to confirm details.

Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone MSP said:

“It would appear common sense has prevailed among the UK-wide broadcasters. We have an incredibly engaged electorate who deserve to hear a range of views ahead of an election that will be unlike any other.

"Given the Green surge in membership here in Scotland, and polling putting us level with the Libdems, I look forward to BBC Scotland and STV following the lead of the UK broadcasters and inviting the Greens."