Scotland's economy & public health at risk from inaction on climate change

Today's publication of the Scottish Government's climate plan shows that ministers are not listening to expert advice, according to Scottish Greens environment spokesperson Mark Ruskell MSP.

The climate plan outlines how ministers intend to reduce emissions by 66 per cent by 2032 compared to 1990 levels.

Only half of recommendations for action from the independent UK Committee on Climate Change appear in the plan.

Mark Ruskell, Environment spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP for Mid-Scotland & Fife, said:

"Scotland's economy and public health are at risk from inaction on climate change. While the Environment Secretary talks of ambition, we simply don't see the follow-through from her cabinet colleagues.

"On energy, it's a worry that in the plan published today, ministers are still pinning hopes on unproven carbon capture technology. This isn't a responsible approach.

"On housing, there is very limited investment in ensuring warm homes. Under this plan, fuel poverty will remain a huge problem for decades to come.

"On transport, the draft budget shows a massive rise in spending in motorways to almost £1billion, while funding for walking and cycling remains static at £39million. We also need to see 20mph become the norm in residential areas, so that walking and cycling can start to replace car use. And if ministers are serious about cutting transport emissions, they cannot justify cutting Air Passenger Duty.

"Finally, on agriculture, if we want a long-term future for farming and food production, we need to tackle the overuse of fertilisers and reduce the sectors' emissions. Greens will press the Rural Economy Secretary to make this a priority."


The draft third report on policies
and proposals 2017-2032 (Scottish Government)

Reducing emissions in Scotland – 2016 progress report (UK Committee on Climate Change)