Scotland still has a role to play in reforming Europe

Ross Greer, Europe spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP for the West of Scotland, spoke in this afternoon's Holyrood debate on the EU, highlighting the support of European colleagues in ensuring Scotland's pro-Europe voice is heard.

Ross Greer MSP said:

"Scotland is a European nation, an internationalist nation. We intend on remaining European citizens. It is only right that we exhaust every option in pursuit of this outcome.

"Today I heard from the co-chairs of the Green/European Free Alliance in the European Parliament, who said while the majority of the UK have voted to leave the EU, the far greater majorities voting to remain in Scotland and Northern Ireland must be listened to as well. Our European colleagues support exploring all options to allow Scotland to remain within the EU.

"Scotland still has a role to play in reforming Europe. The lack of support from the Conservatives for today's motion from the Government was disappointing given how responsible and reasonable it was. But we must work with what we’ve got. We must keep Scotland in Europe."