Scotland’s greenest budget delivers for people and planet

The Scottish Government’s 2023/24 budget uses progressive taxation to deliver for people and planet, say the Scottish Greens. 

After the Scottish Parliament voted to support the Budget at Stage One, Scottish Greens economy spokesperson, Ross Greer MSP said:

“Despite the challenges caused by Westminster, this is Scotland’s greenest budget ever.

“Scrapping peak-time rail fares from September will save travellers hundreds of pounds and end what is simply a tax on commuters.

“This budget means that 20,000 more children will be eligible for free school meals. And £80 million will be invested in expanding school catering facilities, so that eligibility can be expanded to even more children as soon as possible.

“It is a budget for the planet, with £2 billion to tackle the climate and nature crises.

“This is funded in part by the most progressive tax system in the UK.

“By raising the Higher Rate of Income Tax and the Additional Dwelling Supplement, the highest earners and those buying holiday homes and extra properties will pay a bit more to fund the public services which are so desperately needed during this cost of living crisis.

“We might be in a cost of living crisis, one pushing many households to crisis point, but there are plenty of high-income and wealthy people in this country who can afford to pay a bit more.

“Those on the highest incomes can afford an extra penny on the tax rate paid on the top slice of their salary.

“And those in the position where they can buy a second home or holiday home can absolutely afford to pay a bit more on that purchase.

“Despite the challenges, this budget delivers for people and planet. It includes a record £2.2 billion to tackle the climate emergency. It delivers more affordable public transport. It provides essential support to children and families. And it does so by having the wealthiest in our society pay a bit more.”