Scotland can create world famous no take zones for generations to come

No-take zones can protect and benefit Scotland's coastal communities

Scotland can lead the world in creating world famous marine habitats guaranteeing a bounty from the sea for generations to come - with globally proven and science backed no take zones at their heart. 

No take zones can help coastal communities flourish by driving up eco tourism, creating opportunities for marine based jobs and delivering sustained economic growth all while helping fish stocks recover.

The Scottish Government aims to designate 10% of Scottish waters as no-take zones for fish. A key part of the Bute House Agreement between the Scottish Greens and the Scottish Government, they follow similar plans that have been agreed by the European Union. 

Scottish Greens coastal communities spokesperson Ariane Burgess MSP said:

“Our coastal economies are a rich tapestry including recreation, hospitality, tourism and shipping and the increasingly growing sector of nature restoration. 

“Many of these will benefit from HPMAs, just like in Arran, where the Lamlash Bay no-take zone has both increased tourism and catches of lobster near the HPMA.   

“Lamlash Bay is demonstrating multifaceted benefits from high protection. It should be recognised and funded as a formal pilot. 

“But we can also draw on the ample international evidence, including benefits for fishers outside HPMAs in California, Florida, New Zealand and the Mediterranean.”

She added:

“There is no hiding place from the climate crisis, there is no place around these isles that are immune from change.

“That is something many people involved in this debate either fail to grasp, or deliberately choose to ignore in the hope of landing a few more votes, be it through theatrics in the chamber, or soundbites in the radio.

“Consultations are there to gauge the thoughts of the people. We are early on this journey.

“So to see it held hostage by the climate denying, anti-environment lobby who sadly hold seats in this Parliament is a betrayal of future generations. 

“HPMAs have piqued public interest in marine management. Let’s use this opportunity to catalyse a process of community wealth building all along our coastlines.  

“Through careful co-design and management, we can create world-famous HPMAs where visitors and residents alike enjoy the beautiful, nature-rich waters, with the benefits literally spilling over for local fishers and the ecosystems on which we all depend.“

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