Scotland can be greener in how it produces and consumes energy

Patrick Harvie, Economy and Energy spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP for Glasgow, today (1 March) welcomed a YouGov poll for Scottish Renewables showing that 70 per cent of Scots want to see more renewable energy, while two-thirds want the next government to take forward policies that tackle greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. 

Patrick said:

“Scotland can be greener in how it produces and consumes energy and it’s great to see clear public support for such positive ambitions. Scottish Greens have consistently championed the development of the renewables industry and we have led the calls for investment in a skills transition from oil and gas. We have pushed hard for the Scottish Government to open up more community and public ownership of wind, hydro and solar schemes. We are also the only Holyrood party backing a permanent ban on the dangerous distraction of unconventional gas extraction.
“Pressure from Green MSPs also means energy efficient housing has become a national priority; backed with investment this could create thousands of jobs for our communities, while cutting fuel poverty and addressing four years of failed climate change targets.”