Mon 25 Jan, 2016

Responding to today's announcement by the Scottish Government of the continuation of its Schools for the Future programme, Isla O'Reilly, Education spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP candidate for the Highlands and Islands, said:Isla OReilly_small

"Continuing to refurbish and rebuild schools is commendable but the education investment we really need to see from the Scottish Government is about what happens inside our schools. Class sizes are the biggest they've been since 2007, additional support needs provision has been cut and many teachers are at breaking point with chronic workloads.

“The Scottish Government, egged on by Labour and the Tories, has chosen to prioritise standardised testing, which experts have shown causes anxiety for pupils and staff. Scotland can have a better education system but we need a bolder Holyrood that is prepared to invest in smaller class sizes and support for teachers. More Green voices at Holyrood are vital if we are to bring the Government back to what really matters."


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