Rwanda deportation bill can and must be stopped

The Rwanda deportation bill is an act of ritualistic cruelty to appease Tory backbenchers.

Rishi Sunak’s cruel anti-migrant plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda for “processing” can and must be halted, says the Scottish Greens justice spokesperson Maggie Chapman.

The bill, which Ms Chapman has branded “a conscious act of humiliation and cruelty” is back in the Commons this week.

Ms Chapman said: “The last 13 years of Tory rule have seen a huge amount of pain inflicted on refugees and people seeking asylum. It has been part of a never ending and shameful campaign of misinformation and fear-mongering about some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

“Now we have a Prime Minister who is desperately trying to maintain his position by finding new ways to break the law in order to hurt them further. 

“The point isn’t even for it to work. It won’t. The point is to create even more fear and anxiety and for Rishi Sunak to appease his increasingly extreme backbenchers.

“It’s all part of their disgraceful culture war. Rather than actually trying to tackle the terrible inequalities and discrimination that exist in our society, the Tories and their pals would much rather point the finger and scapegoat migrants and other vulnerable groups. 

“It is not too late to stop this conscious act of humiliation and cruelty. These plans can still be halted. If the UK government is to maintain any semblance of morality in its migration system then it must act to stop it now.”