Ruskell welcomes SNP climb-down, after Ministers attempted to delay urgent action on climate

Scottish Greens climate change spokesperson Mark Ruskell MSP today (25 Oct) welcomed the SNP Government’s climb-down, after Scottish Ministers were criticised for attempting to delay urgent action called for by global climate scientists.

Last week the Scottish and UK Governments wrote to independent advisory body the Committee on Climate Change asking for fresh guidance in light of this month’s UN IPCC report which warned that there are only twelve years left to avoid catastrophic climate change but asked for the next fourteen years to be left “out of scope” for review. 

In response, on Saturday, the Scottish Green Party conference passed a motion condemning the move and calling for ministers to reverse the decision.

Today, the Scottish Government has published a new letter to the Committee on Climate Change, in which it changes its position and says the previous request “should not therefore prevent you from advising on all of Scotland’s targets.” 

Scottish Greens climate change spokesperson Mark Ruskell MSP said:

“The Scottish Government last week attempted to collude with a Tory government at Westminster to rule out increasing ambition prior to 2032. Pressure from Scottish Green Party membership, representing the widespread public concern about the growing climate crisis, has clearly caused SNP ministers to think again.

“The science is clear: we have just twelve years left to avoid climate breakdown. This week Holyrood’s Environment Committee heard from one of the authors of the recent IPCC report, Professor Jim Skea, who said that long-term targets are not enough.

“The time for action is now and we already know the changes we can make to our transport, housing and farming to drive down emissions. We risk Scotland’s global reputation with any foot-dragging.”