Thu 21 Dec, 2017

With the deadline for MSP signatures now passed, it's great to have four-party support for healthier and safer streets, especially from MSPs with a track record on road safety. Mark Ruskell MSP

Scottish Green MSP Mark Ruskell today (21 Dec) said safer streets are a step nearer after his proposal to lower the default speed limit in built up areas from 30 to 20mph received support from 25 MSPs from four parties. (See list below.)

The deadline for MSPs to formally endorse Mark's proposal has now passed, with supporters including the SNP's Clare Adamson, who convenes Holyrood's cross-party group on Accident Prevention, Labour's David Stewart, winner of the Scottish Road Safety Parliamentarian Award, Labour leader Richard Leonard and the Libdems' Alex Cole-Hamilton.

It means Mark can now draft legislation for scrutiny by Scottish Parliament committees next year.

His proposal, which aims to reduce injuries and deaths and cut air pollution, has the support of numerous organisations including the British Heart Foundation, British Lung Foundation and road safety charity Brake. It would mean councils no longer have to go through a lengthy and costly application process to set up a 20mph zone but could still designate 30mph routes in consultation with communities.

Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Mark Ruskell said:

“With the deadline for MSP signatures now passed, it's great to have four-party support for healthier and safer streets, especially from MSPs with a track record on road safety. The public consultation on my proposed bill had over 2,200 responses and over 80 per cent support, and I look forward to bringing forward legislation in the new year for parliament to scrutinise."

Patrick Harvie, John Finnie, Clare Adamson, Andy Wightman, Ross Greer, Emma Harper, Graeme Dey, Gillian Martin, Angus MacDonald, Alison Johnstone, Stewart Stevenson, David Torrance, Neil Findlay, Gail Ross, Claudia Beamish, Kate Forbes, David Stewart, Ash Denham, Jenny Gilruth, Claire Baker, James Kelly, Bruce Crawford, Jackie Baillie, Richard Leonard, Alex Cole-Hamilton

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A 20mph speed limit in built-up areas, as proposed by Scottish Green MSP Mark Ruskell, would save the public between £7.8m and £39.9m per year, a new report by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH) has estimated. 

An analysis of cost savings was carried out by the GCPH adapted from a model used in an equivalent study in Wales.

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Figures showing a rise in the number of pedestrians killed on urban roads underline the need for action on safer streets, according to Scottish Green MSP Mark Ruskell, whose member's bill aims to lower urban speed limits from 30 to 20mph.

In 2017 there were 26 pedestrians killed on built-up roads in Scotland, up from 23 in 2016.

There was also a 12 per cent increase in serious injuries to cyclists on built-up roads - an 18 per cent increase on the 04-08 average.

Pedal on Parliament shows need for Safer Streets

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Scottish Green MSPs say today's (28 Apr) Pedal on Parliament (PoP) events in Edinburgh and Inverness, expected to be attended by thousands of cyclists and walkers, will show the need for safer streets with lower speed limits, and investment in cycling and walking routes to prevent ill-health.

The party's MSPs are due to take part with Mark Ruskell cycling 50 miles from his home in Doune to join Patrick Harvie and Alison Johnstone at the PoP Edinburgh ride. Meanwhile John Finnie will attend the separate PoP ride in Inverness.