Ruskell questions Environment Secretary on lack of support from vets for allowing puppies' tails to be amputated

Mark Ruskell MSP, Environment spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today (7 June) used Question Time at Holyrood to quiz the Environment Secretary on the lack of support from vets for allowing healthy puppies' tails to be amputated.
A ban on tail docking in working dogs in Scotland has been in place for a decade.

The Scottish Government’s proposed relaxation of the ban will be voted on at the Environment Committee on Tuesday, with a full vote in the parliament chamber expected after.

Mark Ruskell, Environment spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, said:

“The British Veterinary Association has warned that this would be a retrograde step for Scotland when we have become known as a leader on animal welfare. It speaks volumes that under questioning the Environment Secretary could not cite any veterinary organisation in support of this anti-scientific policy.

“The amputation of hundreds of puppies' tails just to avoid one amputation in an adult dog makes no sense whatsoever. There are many ways to prevent tail injuries without removal. When the Environment Secretary appears before the Committee on Tuesday, she will have a mountain to climb to justify this sop to vested interests.”