Rural Scotland needs investment in jobs and infrastructure


Responding to comments from Labour leader Kezia Dugdale on the need for a new settlement for rural communities, Sarah Beattie-Smith, Infrastructure spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP candidate for the South of Scotland, said:


“What rural Scotland really needs is urgent investment in jobs and infrastructure as well as support for a farming industry in crisis. If we’re to realise the potential of our rural communities, we must invest in affordable, accessible and reliable public transport and broadband as a priority and ensure that our farmers are supported with full farm payments immediately.


"We need a much bolder Parliament that’s willing to stand up for farmers against the stranglehold of supermarkets and that’s committed to helping rural communities to thrive, with a new enterprise agency for rural Scotland."


Earlier this week Sarah met with David and Wilma Finlay from Cream o’ Galloway to discuss sustainable farming.