Rosebank is a catastrophe for our climate

The decision to give permission to Rosebank is a terrible act of climate vandalism.

The UK government’s decision to give the go-ahead to exploration in the Rosebank oil and gas field is an utter catastrophe for climate, say the Scottish Greens.

Scottish Greens · Rosebank is a climate catastophe says Mark Ruskell MSP

The party’s climate spokesperson, Mark Ruskell MSP said:

“This is an utter catastrophe for our climate and the worst possible choice at the worst possible time. It shows a total contempt for our environment and for future generations.

“Last week Rishi Sunak took a match to his environmental commitments, now he’s taking a flamethrower to what remains of the UK’s environmental credibility. 

“In Scottish Climate Week of all weeks, and even as the first major storm of the year bears down upon us today, the Tories have shown a total disregard for our planet and mood of the nation. 

“Climate breakdown is the greatest environmental threat that we will ever face. We have just had a summer of wildfires and environmental chaos and this decision will only make it worse.

“We urgently need to break the link between fossil fuel prices and household bills, but the Prime Minister is doubling down on it. This is a time when we need a generation-defining push for renewables and a just transition that supports communities and workers.

“Clean, green and renewable energy is the safest, cheapest and best energy available. Scotland has a huge renewable potential and an abundance of natural resources that any country would envy. Those are the industries we should be supporting, not the ones that are polluting our planet.

“Rishi Sunak is leaving a long and shameful legacy that will last well beyond his time in Downing Street. There is a responsibility on all parties to stand in firm opposition to this appalling decision. If we want to leave any kind of sustainable future then we badly need to change course. 

“This is a time for real climate action. We must invest in an immediate and just transition away from the dirty fossil fuels that are already doing so much damage and endangering so many lives.”

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