Review of law must prevent hunting with dogs

Scottish Green MSPs say today's Scottish Government announcement of a review of how fox hunts are monitored must strengthen the law to prevent hunting with dogs.

The government is to consult on a code of practice for hunts, explore the potential for a new monitoring scheme, and consult on proposed changes to legislation.

It follows last year's review by Lord Bonomy, which recommended increased monitoring.

In 2015, surveillance of five of Scotland’s ten hunts suggested that they were routinely ignoring legislation.

Mark Ruskell MSP, Environment spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and a member of Holyrood's Environment Committee, said:

"Improved monitoring of fox hunts, while welcome, would be very limited progress. We want to end the practice of hunting foxes with dogs, and strengthen the law so that the massive loopholes that currently exist are closed.

"Legal changes are needed as quickly as possible. There's ample evidence to show that in some areas hunting with dogs is continuing unabated. The conclusions of Lord Bonomy's review need to be adopted in full by the Scottish Government to prevent the abhorrent practice of hunting down foxes with packs of dogs for sport."