Research Shows Logic Of Left Voting Yes In IndyRef

Responding to analysis by ScotCen Social Research, Green MSP Patrick Harvie says it is increasingly clear that left-leaning voters who care about social justice should vote Yes in next year's independence referendum.

ScotCen authors Rachel Ormston and John Curtice conclude those who are on the left are more likely to think that the Scottish Parliament should decide on taxes and are no less likely to feel that Holyrood should decide on benefits. They say this means arguments from left-leaning Unionist parties against devolving welfare do not appear to resonate with left-leaning voters.

Patrick Harvie, Green MSP for Glasgow and Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, said:

"This new analysis confirms that Labour politicians are out of step with many of their natural supporters. Voters won't be fooled by suggestions that a better society is only possible by keeping Scotland tied to Westminster.

"It's increasingly clear to those of us who value the welfare state, fair taxation and high quality public services that a Yes vote is the best chance of protecting those values. If we vote No, further devolution to Scotland will be off the UK parties’ agenda for a generation. By that time there could be nothing left of the welfare state to save, and inequality in our society would be dramatically worse. It’s vital that we don’t make that mistake."