Scottish Greens say a report by the chief engineer of the Forth Road Bridge, showing that the anchorages of the structure are "in good condition with no real evidence of corrosion", proves that the SNP, supported by Labour, Libdems and Tories, were reckless to blow over a billion pounds on an additional crossing.

The Scottish Greens were the only party that argued in favour of repairing the existing bridge as this would have saved millions and not required its closure.

A report in February of this year showed that dehumidification of the main cables has worked.

Patrick Harvie, Green MSP for Glasgow and transport spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, said:

"It is now crystal clear that over a billion pounds of public funds were squandered on an ego-trip for ministers, with other parties simply following the herd. The latest findings prove how scandalous it was to plough ahead with the additional crossing without knowing whether there was actually a problem that needed fixed.

"Back in February we challenged the First Minister to explain what would prevent future governments going back on his pledge that the existing road bridge would only be used for buses and bikes but he failed to do so. The government should accept its reasoning was flawed and explain how it intends to prevent such situations from happening again."